Cabinet Maker Sketch


Triple B Woodcraft and

My foray in to woodworking and building custom solid wood furniture began as a young boy with some scrap lumber, rusty nails, and a ragged claw hammer.  From there it was trips to job sites with my father, the jack-of-all trades rancher who worked as a carpenter among other things, where I'd sometimes get to help out by holding the tape or filling in as a c-clamp. Occasionally I'd get to make a cut or drive a nail, and there was always go-fer'ing and clean up, but during it all I watched, listened and learned, and learned. 

I've always had a fascination with building things particularly out of wood.  Fortunately I carried many of the foundations from those early years into adulthood, and what started as a woodworking hobby grew into what today is Triple B Woodcraft and  The absolute best part of fulfilling my dream??  It's not the new custom builds, or the restoration of something worn and cherished that means the world to someone else. It is when I get back to go back home, and my dad and I get to work on projects and build something together.